Chand and Swati Ayurveda


Chand & Swati Ayurveda operates on manufacturing license issued by the Drug controller of state & GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate issued by the Government of India. Chand & Swati Ayurveda is located with a clean surrounding & environment which is just right for manufacturing Herbal products. Chand & Swati Ayurveda unit is equipped with modern state of the art equipment so that traditional formation can take advantage of modern technology's speed, precision, accuracy & hygiene. Chand & Swati Ayurveda being equipped with such modern facilities helps our highly efficient and experienced production Team to cope up with the increasing demand of our products consistently. At the same time, the quality of the products is also being prioritized. The products are manufactured strictly in accordance with the traditional Ayurvedic & Herbal guidelines and principles; the manufacturing process complies with SOPs, as prescribed to maintain the standards and uniformity.